audio-technica AT-LP60 BT


audio-technica ATN3600L

Awesome record player with wireless headset! Got this as a birthday present from my ladies!

The connection between all of my Entertainment pieces like: Record player, PC and even TV or Web Radio

Standard ALLROUNDER Needle by audio-technica

I actually added a new Player to my setup which is a DUAL 1209 build around 1969/1971. This is a nice player with a wooden plinth

which is connected now to a DUAL CV61 amplifier. I´m going to add more Pix of both soon!

Here we go with the latest addition to the audio family....the DUAL CV 61 Quadrophonic amplifier.

The DUAL CV 61 amplifier was build around 1974 and is still a great and powerful quadrophonic amplifier. This one got restored by a Pro.

Defect capacitators got changed and everything got properly cleaned! :)

In addition to this regular Setup I´m going to add a few changes to the Player. A new headshell + needle and a few nice turntable isolation feet are planned.

MAYBE I´m going to order a clear dust cover for the player too since the old on is pretty scratched and I didnt like the brown cover! :)


I´m not sure yet, but I want to check the www for a fitting equalizer aswell..... lets see.



Caused by a lack of space I´m going to use a couple tiny speakers for this setup.