Laserdisc Collection


I´m a huge fan of old school horror movies like Halloween, The Blob, Stephen Kings Sleepwalker,Misery, Shining or even

John Carpenter´s The Thing, Village of the Damned, The Fog and for sure Romero´s Zombie series like Night of the living Dead,

Dawn of the Dead and more.


I love this video format since its pretty similar to vinyl records i collect and as an graphic artist I really like the Artworks!


For me I just started collecting a couple japanese Laserdisc versions of Cronenbergs Nightbreed or even a japanese version of Alien!


My main focus is collection King, Carpenter and Romero + a couple other Horror/Scifi/Thriller movies i liked when I was a bit younger!

(like Jaws, Critters, Goonies just to name a few)



I just got the 35mm film Cinema Trailer of Demon Knight from the Tales from the Crypt Series, which i liked alot once! (and still like to watch)


In try to get different versions like NTSC (US) and PAL (Europe) since the Coverart is very different on most releases!




OK, below THIS text I´m going to add photos of my actual collection soon, but pls be patient. Sometimes it takes AGES to get a new nice piece

for the collection since Laserdiscs are not produced anymore since 2001!



Cheers Alex

LaserDiscs are very popular with movie collectors, they offer a tactile experience with large-scale and mostly eye-catching cover pictures as known from vinyl LPs. The sound quality, for example in films with AC-3 and DTS soundtracks is often superior to current releases on DVD or Blu-ray. Some particular versions of a title, for example the director's cut or the uncut edition, are still only available on LaserDisc.